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Engage your learners outside the classroom

Supplement your language course with a training app that fits your curriculum and brand.

How does it work?


Select the grammar areas, phrases and vocabulary you want your course participants to train.


Learners train assigned areas for 10-15 minutes per day with interactive exercises.


Learners build up extra strength and confidence in the areas covered by the course.

Effective training

Excellent content

Our interactive exercises are designed to engage and help learners.


We use data and diagnosis methods to accurately understand each learner.


Intelligent training

Spaced repetition and graded questions increase training efficiency.

Visualise progress

Learners can see how they are progressing in relation to the courses goals.

Let's work together

We believe in using tech to deliver adaptive learning that complements classroom teaching.

We work with institutes, schools and independent teachers to improve language learning. If you are interested in our approach, we'd love to chat.

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