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Accelerate your student's grammar development.

Increase student satisfaction, save time and gain learning insights.

How does it work?

Assign grammar tasks to your students.
Your students train with an app.
Monitor your students' progress.
Reinforce with students in the classroom.

3000+ training questions

Select from 3000+ training questions that are tagged by grammar area and level so that you can assign exactly what your students need.

English (A2-C2)

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Engaging training app for students

Here are some of the features students love:

  • Interactive questions in context keeps the training interesting.
  • Teacher explanations available with every question.
  • Adaptive technology ensures optimal repetition and difficulty.

Monitoring & assesment tools

Which students have been active? What language areas and specific questions do students need further help with?

Answers to these questions can be easily found in the teacher dashboard.

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Start today

Lingoset is a valuable tool for boosting the development of your students.

Our basic account is awesome and free for up to four students.






"This is a great way of supplementing my teaching with online grammar training."

Birgit Kasimirski (Germany)

"My students enjoy the training and I can easily see how they're progressing."

Elena Carvalho (Brazil)

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