What language areas does Lingoset's content library focus on?

Our content library primarily focusses on grammar topics but also includes false friends, confusing words, phrasal verbs and some common vocabulary topics.

What types of interactive exercises does Lingoset use?

Lingoset uses a mixture of interactive exercises in order to keep learners engaged. Our priority though is to help the learner produce more in the target language. As such, the majority of the questions require text input from the learner, i.e. fill-the-gap or extended fill-the-gap. We also use multiple-choice and drag-and-drop questions.

What is the difficulty level of Lingoset's content?

For each language area we cover a range of difficulty levels. For example, our time prepositions category ranges from A2 to C2 while other categories don't require such a broad range. Teachers can select the question difficulty for learners and the app also has an in-built mechanism to ensure learners are not receiving too many questions that are either too difficult or too easy.