How does Lingoset identify each learner's language strengths and weaknesses?
The app continually provides questions that are spread across specific language areas. To diagnose efficiently, the app uses data to make predictions about the learner.

How does Lingoset adapt to the curriculum I use with my learners?
Lingoset has an extensive list of grammar and vocabulary areas which teachers can select for specific courses, classes or learners.

What languages does Lingoset work with?
Currently only English. We are working on offering German from Q2 2020.

How does Lingoset ensure the training is effective?
We used high quality content, spaced learning, interactive exercises and motivation techniques to get the best results with learners.

What is spaced learning?
A learning method that helps learners to remember what they have learnt. The method challenges learners to remember the target information at intervals, e.g. days, weeks or months. When a user comes into contact with new information, it is usual that the learner will forget it within days or even hours. However, each time a memory is repeated, the memory is retained for much longer. Further reading

Can I contact you about suggestions, partnership queries, language or technology?
Sure! We'd love to hear from you via our contact form.