How does Lingoset identify my language strengths and weaknesses?

The diagnosis tool asks learners questions from a range of language areas and collects the results. The more you answer, the more accurate the diagnosis becomes.

How does Lingoset target questions at my level?

All of the questions in the lingoset database are ranked in terms of difficulty. Every time you complete a question we gain a better understanding of your level in different language areas and we use this knowledge to match you with questions at your level.

Will you add more language areas?

Yes. If there is a specific language area you would like to practice, please let us know here. Currently, we are focussing on providing questions for all core grammar areas.

What is spaced learning?

A learning method that helps learners to remember what they have learnt. The method challenges learners to remember the target information at intervals, e.g. days, weeks or months. When a user comes into contact with new information, it is usual that the learner will forget it within days or even hours. However, each time a memory is repeated, the memory is retained for much longer. Further reading

Will I get bored learning on lingoset?

Grammar isn't famous for being fun but it can be! We are working hard to add more question variety, challenges, interactivity and audio in order to make lingoset learning more enjoyable.

Can I contact you about suggestions, partnership queries, language or technology?

Sure! We'd love to hear from you via our contact form.