Word pairs: say | tell


I told her - She didn't say anything


We use tell when information or instruction is given and we communicate the person receiving that information/instruction. The structure is tell + someone + something:

  • He told us to wait here.
  • Could you tell me his name, please?

We also use tell in some fixed expressions (e.g. tell the difference, tell the truth, tell a lie, tell the time, tell a joke, tell a secret):

  • I can't tell the difference between those twins.
  • You shouldn't be telling lies.


We use say when we don't mention the person receiving the information. We can use say when we refer to anything related to talking. :

  • Did he say when they are coming? (say + something)
  • They said 'yes' to your offer. (say + something + someone)
  • What did you say to him? (say + to someone)

We can also use say to quote someone's exact words:

  • Jonas said, 'I hate crowded places'.
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