Word pairs: good | well


He is a good player - He plays well


We use good to describe something positively:

  • That is a good car!
  • That place has good food and drinks.
  • He is a good man.

We can also use good to describe the way we feel (in general):

  • I feel good when I'm with her. (emotionally)


We use well to say something is done in a good way:

  • You have done it well.
  • The food was well prepared.

We can also use well to describe the way we feel (in terms of health):

  • I'm not feeling well today.

We can understand good as 'bom' and well as 'bem':

  • Their food is very good. A comida deles é muito boa.

  • She cooks well. Ela cozinha bem.

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