Word pairs: borrow | lend


I'd never lend my car. - I've never borrowed money.


We use lend when we give something to someone for a period of time and expect the person to return it:

  • I have lent Mary some money. I hope she we'll return it soon!
  • My father lent me his car. I have to give it back to him.


We use borrow when we receive something from someone for a period of time and have to return it:

  • I have borrowed my father's car.
  • Can I borrow your phone, please?

We can understand lend as 'emprestar' and borrow as 'pegar emprestado':

  • I don't like lending money. Não gosto de emprestar dinheiro.

  • I don't like borrowing money. Não gosto de pegar dinheiro emprestado.

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