Word pairs: already | just


I have already gone - I have just returned


We use already to say something has happened before. We usually use it in affirmative sentences or questions:

  • I have already been there.
  • Have you already seen that film?

We can also use already to express surprise:

  • Is it time to go already?


We can use just to say something has happened shortly before the time of speaking. We usually use it with the present perfect (e.g. I have gone) and in affirmative sentences:

  • I'm not hungry because I have just eaten pizza. (I ate pizza a few moments ago)
  • Your boyfriend has just called. (he called right before that moment)

Note: Sometimes, especially in American English, just is used with the past simple (e.g. I did):

  • I just bought food.

Already pode ser entendido como 'já', enquanto just equivale a 'acabei de':

  • I've already cleaned everything. Eu limpei tudo.

  • William has already left. William foi.

  • I have just had dinner. Eu acabei de jantar.

  • She's just called. Ela acabou de ligar.