Verbs: prepositional verbs (basic)


He looked into the situation - Ele investigou a situação

Prepositional verbs are very similar to phrasal verbs because the preposition affects the meaning of the verb. However, it is not part of the verb:

  • The fireman came down the ladder very carefully.
  • We're depending on your support.

Different from phrasal verbs, prepositional verbs cannot be split. :

  • I will ask for his help. I will ask his help for.

  • The situation resulted in violence. The situation resulted violence in.

Different propositions

In some cases, the same verb can be combined with different prepositions:

  • Please, look after the dog. (take care) I'll look into the situation. (investigate)

  • Barbara doesn't really care about her boyfriend. (think something/someone is important or relevant) He cared for the baby. (look after; protect)


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