Structures: tag questions


It's a great idea, isn't it? - É uma ótima idéia, né?

Tag questions turn a statement into a question.

A positive sentence is followed by a negative tag (e.g. isn't it), while a negative sentence is followed by a positive tag (e.g. is it).

Positive sentences with negative tag:

  • You seem to know quite a lot about this subject, don't you?
  • It's going to rain today, isn't it?
  • The president has been playing golf all day, hasn't he?

Negative sentences with a positive tag:

  • He didn't do his homework, did he?
  • It isn't going to be a rainy day today, is it?
  • He hasn't been following the news, has he?

Note: We usually only use tag questions in informal situations.

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