Structures: direct questions


Did he go to school? - Ele foi à escola?

Questions can be difficult to construct correctly because they require modifications to the word order. Also, the word order can change depending on the type of question. There are two main types of questions: direct and indirect.

  • Where is the library? (direct)
  • Can you tell me where the library is? (indirect)

Direct questions

  • If the main verb is to be, we use verb + subject:

    • Where is he?
    • Were you at training yesterday?
  • For other types of main verb, we use auxiliary verb(1) + subject(2) + main verb(3):

    • Can(1) he(2) play(3) golf?
    • Where does(1) he(2) live(3)?
    • Have(1) you(2) watched(3) Forrest Gump?
    • Will(1) you(2) go(3) to work?
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