Quantifiers: some | any | no


Quantifiers guide

We use some, any and no to express the idea of quantity.

Some We use some to indicate a small amount of something without specifying how much. We normally use it in affirmative sentences.

  • We have been waiting for some time now.
  • I think this food needs some salt.

When we offer something, we also use some in the question.

  • Would you like some water?

Any We use any to indicate an unspecified amount of something. We normally use it in questions and negative sentences.

  • Do you need any money?
  • Did you have any problems finding the way?
  • I didn't have any time to prepare before coming.
  • She did not bring any documents with her.

Notice that any with a negative verb has the same meaning as no with a positive verb.

  • She does not have any patience with children.
  • She has no patience with children.

No We use no to indicate zero amount of something. We normally do not use negative verbs with it.

  • Hurry up. We have no time to waste.
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