Adverbs: time


The three types of time adverbs are defined, undefined and duration adverbs:

defined (tomorrow, yesterday, last week etc) Defined adverbs are usually positioned at the end of the phrase or if it's important to emphasise the time, at the beginning of the phrase:

  • On Sundays, I eat with my family. (time is emphasized)
  • I eat with my family on Sundays. (more common)

undefined (soon, just, yet, already, suddenly etc) The positioning of this type of adverb is difficult as there are no fixed rules. With more contact with English you will develop a feel for where the adverb should be placed.

  • yet is usually placed at the end of the sentence - I haven't finished my book yet.

duration (since yesterday, by the end of the week, during the summer) Duration adverbs are generally placed at the end of a phrase:

  • I have had this car for 12 years.
  • I have been working since 7 this morning.