Adjectives: adjective sequence


He has a beautiful old wooden table - Ele tem uma mesa ** linda de madeira velha**

We often use two or more adjectives to describe a noun:

  • The large wooden table.
  • She has a big old rusty boat.

The sequence of adjectives is determined by each adjective's category. There are 10 main categories and in adjective phrases, they appear in the following order:

# Category Example
1 Quantity two, first
2 Opinion lovely, nice
3 Size big, tiny
4 Age old, young
5 Shape round, square
6 Temperature cold, hot
7 Colour red, green
8 Origin British, French
9 Material wooden, plastic
10 Purpose cooking, sports


  • A wise (opinion) old (age) man.
  • A small (size) wooden (material) box.
  • A beautiful (opinion) red (colour) sports (purpose) car.
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