Training for advanced English

Strengthen your English with targeted training.


Lingoset automatically adjusts to your level and specific needs.

Portuguese to English

Lingoset provides exercises and explanations that are optimised for Portuguese native speakers.

Learn as you go

Receive specific explanations and tips exactly when you need them.


Complete language areas and measure your progress.

Access a wide range of questions and explanations.


Language areas




Teacher explanations

Boost your learning with technology.

Interactive exercises

Variety of exercise formats that help you to learn by doing.

Teacher explanations

Conveniently review teacher explanations below questions.


Language map

Visualise your language strengths and weakneeses by area.

Grammar overview

Compact summaries with explanations, links and specific grammar questions.

Basic membership is free and awesome

Lingoset's targeted approach is ideal for learners who want to efficiently take their advanced English to the next level.