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Elevate your language learners and save time

Connect your learners to an engaging training app. Assign tasks. Monitor progress.

How does it work?

Add Class

Create a class with one or more learners.

Assign Tasks

Select language areas to assign to a class.


Learners train assigned areas with an interactive web-app.

Monitor Class

Monitor learner activity and performance.

What makes Lingoset effective?


Lingoset's exercises are split into hundreds of language sub-categories so that you can find exactly what your learner needs.

Our authors create exercises that challenge learners to produce more in the target language. We currently support English (B1-C2) and German (B1).

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Teacher dashboard

Which learners have been active? What language areas and specific questions are the learners still struggling with?

Answers to these questions can be easily found in the teacher dashboard.

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Engaging training app

Learners find our app more engaging than printouts and static websites. Here are some of the features learners love:

  • Adaptive technology ensures questions repeat and increase in difficulty at the right rate.
  • Visualise progress in the learner dashboard.
  • Teacher explanations underneath every question in case the learner needs extra help.
  • Mixed training mode is more challenging and fun than drilling just one language area at a time.
  • All devices are supported and no download is required.

Start today

We believe in using tech to deliver adaptive learning that complements what you're teaching in lessons.

We currently support B1-C2 English and B1 German. Our basic account is awesome and free for up to three learners.

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